Romanian Harbour

“Simplicity is not an objective in art, but one achieves simplicity despite one’s self by entering into the real sense of things.” Constantin Brancusi

“Death makes no sense except to people who have passionately loved life. How can one die without having something to part from? Detachment is a negation of both life and death. Whoever has overcome his fear of death has also triumphed over life. For life is nothing but another word for this fear.” Emil Cioran

“Create like a god, command like a king, work like a slave.” Constantin Brancusi

“What is real is not the external form, but the essence of things… it is impossible for anyone to express anything essentially real by imitating its exterior surface.” Constantin Brancusi

“Chaos is rejecting all you have learned, chaos is being yourself.” Emil. M. Cioran

“A sudden silence in the middle of a conversation suddenly brings us back to  essentials: it reveals how dearly we must pay for the invention of speech.” Emil M. Cioran

“Every religion implies that it treats the problem of being and nonbeing, life and death. Their languages are different, but they speak about the same things.” Mircea Eliade

“True confessions are written with tears only. But my tears would drown the world, as my inner fire would reduce it to ashes.” Emil. M. Cioran

“Imaginary pains are by far the most real we suffer, since we feel a constant need for them and invent them because there is no way of doing without them.” Emil. M. Cioran

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