Five of the most

1. Paris – hosts 15.6 million international tourists a year. Who hasn’t dreamt of visiting Paris? Why? Because Paris is the city of superlatives. They say it is the most “chic” city in the world! Yes, it is! Who hasn’t heard about Champs-Elysees? That prestigious avenue which hosts cinemas, romantic cafes, luxury shops, millions of lights, for all these being well-known as “The most beautiful avenue of the world”. The list doesn’t end here but till you reach Paris, you must see “Midnight in Paris” a great movie.

After all, in Paris are the most spectacular architectural momuments: Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, The Arc of Triomphe, Louvre Museum and many, many others. If you ever want to get there, make sure you also book a pass and save on sightseeing in Paris for all those Top Paris Attractions.

2. London – receives almost 14.8 million tourists a year, one million less than Paris. An old English saying tells us “when you had enough of London it means you had enough of life”. Nothing untrue; I stayed in London for sixteen days, and experienced magnificent moments, so I’m planning another journey for the New Year. The capital of the UK has no end for cultural life. The British Museum, Belfast Museum, Big Ben, Hyde Park, Oxford Street, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Ritz Cinema, Piccadilly Circus are all waiting for me. A tourist cannot have enough of London, no matter how many times he/she visits it.

3. Bangkok – gathers 10.84 million of tourists annually. They say it is a city where the ancient world is perfectly mixed with the style of modern life. It is difficult to talk about a city where you have never been. They say it is the city of Buddha, where the temples are dispersed among skyscrapers.

4. Singapore, receives 10.1 million tourists annually. The specialists say that Singapore will soon become an important tropical center that will mix in a single city everything that comes from Paris, London and New York. I have some doubts about that; I think Singapore has so much more to offer without becoming kitsch.

5. New York has only 9.5 million of guests annually, but not because the city doesn’t to offer more than the other cities in our poll. There are many causes, but we are here to travel, not to argue. New York is known as “the city that never sleeps”, which is so true because at 3 am there are hundreds of people in Times Square. Some will say… : „I don’t like NY; it is so unclean”. Well, of course it’s like that, because the local government has to close the streets to clean them; it is too much traffic.

For those who said that, I gladly recommend just one sight of NY city from a place called Sky Room. Check this info to see I’m not blathering at all:

In fact, NY doesn’t count only in Broadway Streets or Time Square or Wall Steet; you can easily reach Albany, the capital of NY state. Be sure you’ll be there on July 4, when the atmosphere is fantastic and when you can enjoy the greatest fireworks or feel as you were a native American.

Nov 24/2011

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