The battle for reputation

100_3768As we humans, a city has its reputation, own image, positive or negative based on a general estimation that others express so. Reputation has an important impact over the city’s performance be it political or economical.

Reputation Institute has been measuring reputation since 1999. Its main activity is related to corporate reputations. City RepTrak model measures reputations internationally, showing the correlation between supportive behaviors and external reputation overall.

Annual, based on three attributes (advanced economy, appealing environment, effective government) and the Pulse score (trust, admire, esteem, feeling), Reputation Institute conducts online interviews. For 2013, in January and February they interviewed over 22.000 consumers from G8 countries (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, USA, Canada and Russia) rating 100 cities. It is a complex study and very well-shaped.

What is next represents my “artwork” a table, then a capture. I have no clue how someone can insert here rows&lines. City RepTrak for 2014 will be available probably in March. If some one has a particular question regarding to a city, please leave your comment and I’ll get back to you.


What amaze me is that Paris isn’t on top 10 list, it got 21st place, though there is rumor that they aren’t well-known for hospitality … Boston, my favorite is on 32nd but the study is made before the ugly bombing attack. The last of all 100 cities are: Cairo, Nairobi, Karachi, Tehran and Baghdad.

Personally, even only 22.000 people responded in this study from billions of us, I am inclined to say City RepTrak is in conformity with the reality. A reality that we watch on television or over the internet and based on the news or our proper trekking.

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