Life begins at forty…

Tells us an American saying. I never heard it in my country. So I asked what do you mean by that? They say at your 40’s you have got enough money and brain to enjoy life. Well, so many countries, so many customs. The average American people are robots, never free, always busy. Two-three part-time jobs, many kids and of course more bills to be paid. I’m not criticize nor appreciate. I’m just a stranger. A French friend told me, „you must adapt if you want to live there”. I’m gonna choose to skip it, isn’t all about adaptation or changing some beliefs, it’s about how you live your life even we aren’t in charge. Live it with fullness and verve but always aware that anything can happen in a second.

Here I am on my new fresh 38’s having two more years to make some money and gain some gray material. Now I’m just being sarcastic, I live my years at the most. Another saying goes like that: the more we study, the more we know. The more we know, the more we forget. The more we forget, the less we know. The less we know, the less we forget. The less we forget, the more we know. So why study? (Happy face!) Or as Cato tell us: „Wise men learn from fools than fools from wise men.”

Each every country looks more appetizing than ours because we are just the watchers, the quizzers or the tourists. Take my word on that. I was in London as a tourist for two weeks on Christmas time and New Year’s Eve (2009-2010). I had the great time of my life, it was a feria, a celebration for me being in Hugh Grant’s country. I simply loved that time. Back again in London for a job, on December 31st, 2012, I locked myself in the house, first time when I urged to be alone on a New Year’s Eve. Just and not only, the ride going back and forth for my job stole me two precious hours from my day. Yeah, you may say : Why didn’t you use that time to read something? Seriously? That isn’t what I call reading. Anyway, being a tourist rocks, being an alien in the same city, stinks. I’d rather have less money and a 10 minutes ride to my office than being a Londoner.

Back to America story, being here in 2011 as tourist, first time visiting my brother’s family. Yes, it rocked again. Trying out to make a living here, well…not easy at all. Someone would say: you aren’t motivated enough. Really? Easier said than done. I’ve been spending the last three years between two continents where in each every one I have a home, an opened door, a family. What other reason do I need to be full motivated? My niece who is 7 years old asks me: „When you come back?’’ She also says „ Doesn’t matter when you come, just come…”

Among a vast and various ocean of busy people I managed to find the nicest couple in the world. They have been together for the last 63 years. Huh! I can’t imagine me in the same situation, neither I shall live 101 years or hanging on so much… To make the story short, they are my closest friends here, she is the kindest person I’ve known and he is the funniest man alive. Mr. Len always knows to make our day. I said once, I’m done, it’s time to choose, I’m going back in Romania, make a selection and hocus-pocus, a new baby is born. He replied: „ Well, I can’t promise you but I can try, you bring the instructions, I don’t remember how to cuddle.” :)!
Thank you, Betty and Len!

September 10th, 2013

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