100_2269I’m in a mood to jump in a train, it’s been a while since I traveled by train…three years. Here I am very exciting about the idea but not my mom. “Who’s gonna join you?” Nobody. I want to be by myself or you can come with me. She paused and the thought of leaving her husband home, made her say “I don’t think so.” We’re arguing… as I am always on the road, it must be the quality of blood or my stubbornness.

I will choose Predeal, a beautiful montane location. It is situated in the middle of everything and very easy to reach Sinaia (Peles Castle), Sighisoara, Brasov (Black Church), Bran or Rasnov Castle. Besides that, the Prahova Valley is amazing, especially in the winter, breathtaking I may say.

To recharge my batteries I need one or two days, this affair will cost me around $100. Round-trip by train ($35), accommodation ($ 50) where I have 2 nights and perhaps breakfast. I’ll go for soups, coffees and snacks, all for $20. If I’ll move around visiting Peles and Brasov, let’s say another $ 15. Not bad at all, $ 120 for 3 days on the road. Or should I go for a diet and make it less? Until that day, I’m comforting myself with a flash from a hot summer.