Not my garden


Just a glance of somebody else’s garden.

A short note about # In the Berkshires, if the Boston Symphony Orchestra has cancelled their shows this summer at Tanglewood, a bunch of places remain closed this year. Kripalu – famous yoga center and few good restaurants from Lenox, Lee MA.
As for me I was hopping to see John Legend performance in August at…, Tanglewood.
Backstreet Boys got cancelled in Saratoga, NY. Other than this, all good.
Still tulips season.


Lenox of Berkshire County

A small, dearest town. I simply love this place. Few square miles but very well-organized. It’s not all about architecture, as we can see in Italy or Europe, Lenox has a particular aroma. Almost each every house has something going on… a store, a library, a restaurant, a coffee shop, an inn or an art gallery. Not to mention Tanglewood, which every single summer is the host of a million tourists, or Shakespeare Company.

What happens at Tanglewood? You simply take your blanket or the outdoor chairs, the picnic basket, the wine glasses and for a couple of hours, you can really enjoy a quality time under the stars accompanied by the Boston Symphony Orchestra by itself or with one of its guests. Believe me, that feeling cannot be compared with the atmosphere of a regular concert (be it Depeche Mode or Madonna) and you don’t have to be a fan of Boston Orchestra, to be amazed and to enjoy classical, pisular and jazz performance.

Shakespeare & Company offers a fun-filled year-round schedule with fresh, exciting takes on Shakespeare, trilling contemporary plays and new works. King Lear, The Tempest, etc, plus special events, beautiful meadows and picnic area.
Jack’s Pillow Dance Festival is not far from Lenox. You can learn some steps from an african dance, tango or other style. You can watch a great performance, you can visit some galleries of art, exercise along with kids or simply can make the tour of the historic ground.

In fact, all the area of has a lot to offer, be it spring, summer or winter. Most of all, autumn in the Berkshires, as in all New London, is unique.