Amurg de iarna

Winter Dusk – by George Bacovia

Sombre and metallic, dusk in winter,
The white plain – vast and round –
A raven comes rowing from the background,
Cutting the skyline at the diameter.

Occasional trees like crystal in their snow.
Longings for disappearance sip at me,
While the same raven goes back silently,
Cutting the skyline at the diameter.

Translation from :

Amurg de iarna, sumbru, de metal,
Campia alba – un imens rotund –
Vaslind, un corb incet vine din fund,
Taind orizontul, diametral.

Copacii rari si ninsi par de cristal.
Chemari de disparitie ma sorb,
Pe cand, tacut, se-ntoarce-acelasi corb,
Taind orizontul, diametral.

Din “Introducere la dor”

(Creatie si frumos in rostirea româneascã de Constantin Noica)

Prin formatia sa „dor” are in el ceva de prototip: este o alcatuire nealcatuita, un intreg fara parti, ca multe alte cuvinte românesti cu inteles adanc si specific. Reprezinta o contopire, si nu o compunere. S-a contopit in el durearea, de unde-si vine cuvantul, cu placerea, crescuta din durere nu pricepi bine cum…

Cum faci sa-ti alini dorul? Iti amintesti ca ai pastrat intr-o cutie de tabla, sus pe raft, niste cafea adusa din tara de mai bine de doi ani si ca ai voie sa bei din ea numai la sarbatori, de Pasti, de Craciun sau de ziua României. Nu te intereseaza daca e expirata, atata timp cat isi pastreaza ceva din aroma de acasa si te trimite in bucataria unde, inca faceai cafea la ibric. Si daca tot e sarbatoare, stii ca poti folosi un strat din crema de galbenele, care iar iti alina dorul… Parca mai am si ceva Gerovital? Dar iti spui ca prea te rasfeti si ca ar trebui sa mai pastrezi ceva din dor, de dor caci nu stii cand te mai doare …

„Noi nu spunem placere de durere, cu atat mai putin cautare de negasire, spunem dor, care e insa si cautare si negasire, cum este si placere si durere.”

Si apoi spui ca azi este despre mine si macar astazi sa recit Misterele de Durere in limba, care te doare, ca n-o folosesti si doar in graiul, in care iti permiti sa te doara.

„ Si atunci, stai in fata cuvintelor, cum stai in fata dorului, sa te intrebi: este buna nedeterminarea aceasta? S-o sporim? Sau sa-i risipim magia? – S-o risipim fara grija: magia ei nu se curma…”

Chocolate Springs


Chocolate – the ultimate comfort food! Bam!

Cozy and addictive, this cafe shop located in the Berkshire, Lenox, MA. They say “Chocolate Springs” is one of the top 10 star chocolate makers in the United States. I don’t know about the others nine, but when I am in this cafe shop I feel that trying everything…so I limit my visits to the store, just two -three times per a year.

The Queen of May

” Mary is the excellent masterpiece of the Most High, the knowledge and possession of which He has reserved to Himself. Mary is the admirable Mother of the Son, who took pleasure in humbling and concealing her during her life in order to favor her humility, calling her by the name of “woman” (In.2:4; 19:26), as if she were a stranger, although in His heart He esteemed and loved her above all angels and all men. Mary is the “sealed fountain” (Cant. 4:12), the faithful spouse of the Holy Ghost, to whom He alone has entrance. Mary is the sanctuary and the repose of Holy Trinity, where God dwells more magnificently and more divinely than in any other place in the universe, not excepting His dwelling between the Cherubim and Seraphim. Nor is any creature, no mater how pure, allowed to enter into that sanctuary except by a great and special privilege.”

Saint Louis De Montfort, True Devotion to Mary