A getaway to the Danube Delta

We left Galati at 7.30 in the morning and got on the ferryboat to cross the Danube river and reach Murighiol, Tulcea. Took us about 3 hours to check-in at „Pensiunea La Traian”. Accommodation was $50/night/room with breakfast included.

La Traian, Murighiol, Tulcea, Delta Dunarii, Romania, Europa

The hosts are very friendly and let us check in as soon as we arrived and so we were able to book and go for a two hours boat ride on Danube Delta before it got too crowded.

Danube Delta

Next day some of us went for a fishing ride and caught the sunrise and some bluegills aka bibani.

A pair of pelicans

Towards evening we went for a walk and watched the birds and the sunset.

A family of storks

Overall for 3 days and 2 nights we (4 people) spent only $500 for peace and quality time. Pictures narrate more that I do.

Wild life

Few facts about Danube Delta geology we find on Danube Delta – Wikipedia.

The modern Danube Delta began to form after 4000 BCE in a bay of the Black Sea when the sea rose to its present level. A sandy barrier blocked the Danube bay where the river initially built its delta. Upon filling the bay with sediment, the delta advanced outside this barrier-blocked estuary after 3500 BCE, building several successive lobes: the St. George I (3500–1600 BCE), the Sulina (1600–0 BCE), the St. George II (0 BC–present) and the Chilia or Kilia (1600 CE–present). Several other internal lobes were constructed in the lakes and lagoons bordering the Danube Delta to the north (Chilia I and II) and toward the south (Dunavatz). Much of the alluvium in the delta and major expansion of its surface area in the form of lobes resulted from soil erosion associated with the clearing of forests in the Danube basin during the 1st and 2nd millennium. Geologist Liviu Giosan told The New York Times: Probably 40 percent of the Delta was built in the last 1000 years. Finding that was like a eureka moment.

Danube Delta

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