Amherst, MA

Amherst, Massachusetts is a small beautiful college town, hosting three colleges and now, in 2020 an empty campus, only 1000 students live in campus, compared with 13.000 in a normal academic year, conform to

A walk through the Amherst college’s campus shows that everything is numbered, the trees, the lights…!

There are 47 restaurants in Amherst, a large variety of cuisines to choose from in almost 72 square km/27.7 sq. mi.

30Boltwood – early in the morning

What nice get away and so grateful for that!

8 thoughts on “Amherst, MA

  1. What a beautiful place, Dana. My heart so goes out to the local businesses who depended on the college crowds for their livelihood. How very sad that a place like this, normally so full of young faces, is so empty. Gorgeous pictures!! Thank you! xo

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