Years have trailed past…

Years have trailed past like clouds over a country,
And they’ll never return, for they’re gone forever,
And I no longer enjoy such light endeavour
As the magic of folk songs or the land of faery

Which as a child filled me with wonder,
Not quite understood yet meaning so much to me,
And now these shadows try to recapture me
In this hour of mystery, this twilight hour.

These trembling fingers touch the strings in vain
To find the right notes from the fading memory
Of youth, so that my soul can vibrate again.

Everything’s disappeared from the horizon of that distant plain
And you can no longer hear the voice of past harmony.
Behind me time gathers . . . and I darken!

Trecut-au anii…

Trecut-au anii ca nori lungi pe sesuri
Si niciodata n-or sa vie iara,
Caci nu ma-ncanta azi cum ma miscara
Povesti si doine, ghicitori, eresuri,

Ce fruntea-mi de copil o-nseninara,
Abia-ntelese, pline de-ntelesuri –
Cu-a tale umbre azi in van ma-mpesuri,
O, ceas al tainei, asfintit de sara.

Sa smulg un sunet din trecutul vietii,
Sa fac, o, suflet, ca din nou sa tremuri
Cu mana mea in van pe lira lunec;

Pierdut e totu-n zarea tineretii
Si muta-i gura dulce-a altor vremuri,
Iar timpul creste-n urma mea… ma-ntunec!

8 thoughts on “Eminescu

  1. Dear, you should not feel the blue like this! a pet or hot cocoa – will run the blues away ; ) do not linger.. the landscape of this post is magic!!! and fairies are abound ; ) best wishes, jm

    • 🙂 Thank you, dearest JM. When I took this shot i was a child thou 🙂 And just an innocent advertise for the one who was on of the greatest romanian writers. Blue or not, we have to spin the wheel..i guess. Best to you also!

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