The childhood


„I don’t pretend to know what other people are like, but for myself, I seem to feel my heart throbs with joy even to this day when I remember my birth-place, my home at Humulesti, … the place on top of the stove where I used to hide when we, children, played hide-and-seek, as well as other games and delights full of childlike fun and charm. Lord, what good times those were, for parents and brothers and sisters were hale and hearty, … the sons and daughters of our neighbours were for ever playing with us, and everything was exactly as I like the best, without a shadow of ill-humour as if the whole world were mine! I myself was happy as the day was long…
Mother … would say to me sometimes with a smile as the sun peeped from behind de clouds after prolonged rain: „Go outside, you fair-haired child, and laugh at the sun, maybe the weather will change.” And the weather did change at my smile…
But the time was passing by me and I grew up unawares.”

Ion Creanga – Momories of My Boyhood, Stories and Tales – translated by Ana Cartianu and R.C. Johnson

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