The Merry Cemetery


Cimitirul Vesel/ The Merry Cemetery is located in the village of Sapanta, Maramures County, Romania. It belongs to Naïve Art and represent a sensational masterpice without any equal in the world. The irony, very often just friendly is present in almost all epitaphs painted on each cross of Sapanta Cemetery.

“The origin of Naïve Art”, wrote Victor Ernest Masek, “must not be search in the history of genres or the artistic currents, but in the spirit”. Ioan Stan Patras shows us death as a huge joke, coverting “tears into smiles” where an ancestral wisdom and the mythology connect and as a effect, the spirit reintegrates in nature.
People from Sapanta, perhaps even the pilgrims see through the Merry Cemetery a way to understand and accept death making peace when something ends.



8 thoughts on “The Merry Cemetery

  1. I’ve never thought about a visit to a cemetery as being a joyful occasion but I was lucky enough to spend an hour or so wandering around here and loved it. I thought the artwork was wonderful – and I wished I could speak Romanian!!

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