100_6540 Okay…I hope no one will make fun of my picture’s name, though I could easily use bushes, right? Good. Last month, I managed to jump into a train. As a result of my preview desire. I do have pictures not bad, neither glowing. I keep them with a hope that one day I will share photos with a story behind. I am still waiting to get in that mood to write something about. I remember I do know the alphabet, though I need a strong motivation. Anyway, I’m still young and it can wait! Though I have a habit to make promises without a deadline, where is the rush? But I remember now, I have an another story to tell, related to Henry Ford, a job and a dry passion. I did not forget that, although is pretty hard to get that going as it’s a little more personal. Then I also keep thinking about a proposal, a collaboration in fact. Then why to write? We are too busy or enough superficial for a thousand words, it’s more easy to hit the like button for a picture than to read an interminable story. Improperly saying, read. Anyway, we’ll see about that says the blind man…

6 thoughts on “Scrubs

  1. Hello wonderful clown ; ) so i got a bit carried away by life – But! I did see all of your posts ..
    I like the way you name them – this is honest sharing in double meaning. You have great imagination. Let me share some more with you: I walk the wood near my place, and I imagine so many expressions and faces in just stones. I go back and forth in the history of creation.. I see mammoths, as well as many kind of wonderful creatures ; )
    Take care, keep on the good “work” and — keep an eye on me ; ) Best wishes!

    • 🙂 somehow you read me very well, too well! I know you see them but I wanted you out from your carapace 🙂
      Then walking and pondering is the best mix, a reflection of what it was and dreams a what will be. Sounds like a lots of fun, imaginary speaking 🙂 Can you share some pictures though 🙂
      Thanks God you are okay.

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