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19 thoughts on “Challengers

      • I have been a busy bunny over the last couple of weekends, I have removed the rear quarter windows and cleaned them up. I will be posting it tomorrow with any luck. Shhh don’t tell anybody though. Lol.
        I am getting ready to strip her down as I am hoping to get the car ready for her paint. It sounds daft to out all the stuff on then back off again, but at least it fits and known to fit properly, if that makes sense. Besides I needed to know the engine was ok. A dry run if you like. Thrilled you asked though. Thank you.

      • Lol, yeah I guess so. What I mean is once the car is painted you don’t want to keep bolting and unbolting bits to it lifting in and out etc. At least I know whats on there now will fit and go on easily without issues. The engine is basically ok, as it starts and runs ok hence why I wanted to wire it up. I will come out of the car to be given the full once over etc. I imagine driving it most days unfortunately, but once its diwn at Mustang Maniac I should be able to drive her home.

      • Right, after painting you must chill out, no more scratching. I believe you’re dying to drive her. I will do too in your place, not only because it’s a mustang, you are dedicated to her.

      • I am dedicated, right now I am in my man cave where its cold you can see my breath, but I am working on the final part to be posted later!
        Come to think of it- this car is very much like a needy child! 🙂

      • Well…I think is more like a mistress and your wife must be proud of that. I would. As I used to push my husband to things-hobies and to avoind the walking ones:)

  1. now, look here – nice of you to remember me – still, you have lots f likes..
    I like it a a lot. It made me smile at the warmth and richness of the natural bouquet..Thank you.

    • I’m happy as a fower because of your smile, till next spring then? 🙂 Thank you too.
      I was so foggy, I needed a change, and these beauties were perfect for that. They still are.

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