The glorious remains

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Neamt Citadel, the medieval fortress built between 1374-1391 holds up through time. First (1395) in front of Sigismund of Luxembourg – a Hungarian king; then in 1497 ahead Mohamed II – the conqueror of Constantinople, later in 1691 when nineteen brave Romanians fought with a Polish king, Ioan Sobieski.

Besides those assaults there are fearless sacrifices who rest in a grave without cross, without tears, without memories. Although… Neamt Citadel has been abandoned. And we, other less brave Romanian people around XIX century, carried out… a good part of the stones. In 1992 it was partially restored for tourists. This link has pictures taken during the annual festival:

Mihail Sadoveanu wrote about Cetatea Neamt „It firmly stands in front of its destruction, painting clearly its broken corners on a brighten canvas of the sky…..Suddenly, it rises up to the sky, covered by lightenings and fenced by forsaking, dark bitten by storms, rains, thunders, suddenly as a stunned ghost it appears, it remains on the top of a empty coast. I know that once it was a whole, but it seems to me now, when I see it, as it is, it went through centuries, like this, erstwhile ruin, like this, huge skeleton in the whistling heights, in the melancholy dream of the legends.”*

*translation from M. Sadoveanu is made by Dana alias Hugh, so please have mercy.

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