Friends or enemies?

Armillariella mellaSomeone would say I have losted it and what is the bond between travels and mushrooms? Only one, they were on my path. Inspiring by a fellow blogger who has some smart pictures I said to myself let’s start another series.
I knew I had somewhere in my bookcase something related with nature, forest and plants as we used to camp very often for fresh air, the sounds of the creek and of course, for mushrooms. It was a challenge to see if I can recognize what type is it.

My friend is/can be Armillariella mellea. The track of this honey fungus has been identified in some fossils from Tertiary period.  On more interesting fact about Armillariella mellea, its rhizomorph are fluorescent and it’s said that the soldiers of the WW I could write letters using their light.
Its growing time is late summer and fall. Armillariella mellea, the enemy, attacks the wood and its effect is biodegradation.

Note: my research is based on a picture so I could be wrong, if I had the mushroom in my hand I could be able to certify this type for sure. Now if I go and goole it, I get lost, lots of pictures with different shapes. And very important, do not eat it raw.