It’s good to be home



The flight was in time or should I say half hour earlier, the one stop in London was short and not in the last, British Airways staff, polite and agreeable. Even though I couldn’t rest during the fly, this worked perfect to readjust to Romanian time (six hours ahead from NY now…soon will be 7 hours difference).


So here I am, back to my country where in less than a week I managed to start and be done with different things, as gardening to my grandparents’ house, renewing my driving licence, meeting my best friends (a couple of times), attending the Mass, spending some time in a bookstore, “chit-chat” with my parents, fixing my internet connection and of course watching some TV news.


I’m gonna stop here with my daily activities, I don’t want you bored, end of story: I feel good to be among my people, they aren’t so smiley but they have positive thinking.



These pictures are from 2009, old but good as a wine, right? I truly miss the road and the gang. So what is next? Between other things, I’m making plans for winter’s holiday:).

Bâlea Lake

Bâlea Lake

8 thoughts on “It’s good to be home

  1. Huh! Sorry for delay, almost one year! I have no clue how did I miss this. You are to humble, Noeline. Meaning your posts and words about the places you have seen in Romania, are unlimited pleasant and enough to get us.

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