Preserving autumn’s beauty

100_5979First of all, I promise you, this will be my last blog regarding to fall, I’ll take care of  the winter. 🙂

Then here I go with my „photo session” from today (it looks like someone has a lot of time).

100_5974In order to avoid breaking one of my last fall leaves, I had a look in my Big E travel’s bag and I’ve found some tips how to preserve the autumn’s colors.

“To preserve branches for use in bouquets, split the stems at the base. Cover branches with a solution of two parts water and one part glycerine to a depth of 2-4”. Keep in a cool, well-ventilated place until there is a very slight change in the leaf color. Then remove and hang upside-down until dry.

To preserve leaves, gather them while they are supple. Press between thick layers of blotter paper or absorbent cardboard (do not overlap leaves). Place a stack of these layers between two heavy, flat boards or books and bind tightly with cords or straps. Store the leaves in a warm, dry place for about ten days, checking them often and tightening the straps as necessary. Display your leaves under plastic un a photo album, or seal them between layers of clear contact paper or wax paper.”


Of course I shall also have my annual ride through a State Forest to take some „fresh” pictures and pick some autumnal colors conserving them or make a new arrangement.

7 thoughts on “Preserving autumn’s beauty

    • 🙂 Glad to hear that! I don’t know you but it was a time in childhood, in fact in school, we had to perserve many different leaves, it was like a project for botanic class 🙂 I think I took a good mark 🙂

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