Monument Mountain

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It’s been a while since I posted anything, almost 4 months. Some may say it’s easy to move from place to place and start blogging or continue your life from were you left it. It isn’t really true. From Europe to U.S. is a long ride, metaphorical speaking and not only.
Anyhow, there’re a lot happening here…but I’m going to resume everything to travel. Good friends came to visit us from Virginia, Monaco, Montreal and perhaps Texas will take its turn. Besides of cooking traditional romanian meals for welcoming our guests, we must think of places of interest to make their trip unforgettable.
So for today I’ll stop to Monument Mountain. What makes Monument Mountain a special place? They say it’s the memorable views of southern Berkshires and the board Huousatonic River Valley. For two centuries, this imposing natural feature has attracted artists and writers, hikers and nature lovers.

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Indian monument trail has 1.51 mile and reaches almost 1650 feet that took us a round-walk, 2 hours and forty minutes. Good exercise and indeed great views. They say that 20.000 visitors explore Squaw Peak, each year. Honestly, I have no clue how someone can count them, perhaps the number of flyers distributed could be a hint and we met perhaps 10 people along our trail, so, yes, the statistic is correct, there are 60 people/day trekking.
The legend of a loverlorn Indian maiden who leapt to her death from the summit and a rock cairn marks the spot where she supposedly lies buried gave the mountain its original name – Mountain Monument.
The landscape, the fresh air and cold water made the trekking enjoyable and worthy.

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  1. Hello, Refreshing photos indeed ; ) thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you have more wonderful trips like this! Best wishes, w.

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