“Vivi i colori”

100_3880 The 2013 edition of the Venice Carnival brings the ancient times to nowadays through a rich program of shows between January 26th and February 12nd. Colours, concerts, masked parades, balls, many theatrical performances and representations are enriching Venice during the Carnival.

Back in time
”Carnem Levare” is the origin of carnival word, a Latin term which means to “eliminate meat from diet” or ”Farewell, meat”. Edges ago (they say it was in 1162 when starts as a tradition) during the Carnival people were characterized by an extraordinary delectation of food, drinks, and sensual pleasures in general. The social order was subverted, and all the usual roles upset. People were hiding their identities behind the masks and all forms of social class were annulled, allowing anyone to pose the behaviors and attitudes of the costume they chose to represent and interpret.
This ecstatic ability to participate incognito in this rite of collective’s disguise was the essence of Carnival and last even today.
Later in the eighteenth century, ” it was Giacomo Casanova’s world, a festive place, both colorful and gallant. It was the world of painters. It’s the native land of Carlo Goldoni, in his literary production represents the spirit of the holidays of Carnival”
They say that during Carnival time business affairs of the Venetians were passing in the background as they conceded a lot of time to celebrate, tell jokes, and enjoy entertainment and shows throughout the city.
These are events that concur among with the architecture, the engineering marvel and make Venice, a place of endless capture.

What we can expect today
The silent water parade – a water parade of parade of traditional boats and gondolas floats along the Canal Grande, lit only with candles.
Mardi Gras Colours Show: Hard Rock Cafe presents REZOPHONIC IN CONCERT –  Famous national and international music starts will create an outstanding music concert to say goodbye, with colours and music, to the Carnival 2013.
The colours of music: „ Lo sceicco bianco” – the best of Frederico Fellini’s movies Soundtrack – live music. The movie world will be the protagonist of this night in San Marco Square, staring on Gran Teatro stage in a wonderful concert, full of the best hits of the most famous soundtracks from Frederico Fellini’s movies, performed by ‚ harmonia Ensemble” Orchestra.

The official website and the schedule can be found at: http://www.carnevale.venezia.it/programma.php?slang=en


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