A ride through Mantua, Italy

Atlas Tracer

It was Christmas time when I arrived in Mantua. I planned my travel two months in advance. According to Greek mythology, the city of Mantua was named after the oracle Manto, daughter of Tiresias, who was a person with unusual powers of foresight. One day, Manto vanished from Thebes (an ancient Greek city in Boeotia destroyed by Alexander the Great in 336 BC) and after a long travel without any clear destination, she settled in a low-lying wet land with grassy vegetation, which now hosts the city of Mantua. With her tears, Manto created a lake which gave prophetic abilities to those who drank from it.

Today, Mantua is surrounded by three lakes, which make it resemble a small island, just like Venice. If you enter the town in the evening, you will find Mantua the most beautiful city you have ever seen. The “gate” of the town is a castle called…

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